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The Definition of Irony in the Car Industry

The most ironic part of buying a car is how its actually one of the poorest decisions you can make; cars depreciate in value faster than most other purchases and don’t retain value until many years after the initial sale. The issue with the automotive industry is that many automakers will claim longevity or fuel […]

Irony and Examples Throughout History

IRONY AND EXAMPLES THROUGHOUT HISTORY What is irony and how has it affected us throughout history? Irony is the expression on one’s meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect. It is also a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects […]

Examples of Irony in Shakespearean Literature

Examples of irony in Shakespearean literature irony definition, William Shakespeare is one of the many authors known for their use of irony in literature. His ways of inserting dramatic, situational and verbal irony into stories are so full of finesse that few other authors have been able to replicate them. These days, you don’t see […]